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Word For The World Baptist Ministries - Recommendation For Ministry Medicine International.

The Following is a recommendation that was given to me by a friend and ministry that I have been associated with, and loved, for many years.

Dear Friend(s) in Christ,

Greetings in the name of our Blessed Savior, Jesus Christ! I pray this finds you and yours happy, safe, and healthy enjoying the blessings of serving our Lord.

It is my privilege to recommend to you Brent Madaris with "Ministry Medicine International". I have known Brent for over 35 years and have watched how the Lord has blessed in his life and led him to where he is today. Brent Madaris is a Certified (Family) Nurse Practitioner and has spent many years in the field of medicine working in hospitals and outpatient clinics. He has made several medical missions trips to various countries to help with medical needs and also to "Preach the Gospel."

His heart is in helping others through medicine and through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God. Brent has pastored 3 different churches including New Haven Baptist Church in Summerville, GA that he now pastors.

He has also continued to grow in his knowledge of the Bible through Crown College and Pensacola Theological Seminary. He began "Ministry Medicine International" to help pastors, evangelists, and missionaries as they serve the Lord around the world. He has drawn upon his professional experience as well as working with a great team of doctors on medical problems beyond his experience for proper diagnosis of medical conditions and recommendations for treatment.

Brent has a presentation for this ministry that he has taught several times in our Ministry Candidate School. He has researched his material well and presents it in a factual, direct, and easily understandable way. Brent Madaris has been a blessing to many of our missionary families since starting this medical ministry. I have called upon his medical expertise on several occasions and have been helped by his knowledge and insights. He can help you too.


Dr. Rudy Stembridge

Executive Director

Word for the World Baptist Ministries, Inc.

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