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Education Initiative

"Study, to show thyself approved..."

All pastors should be committed to lifelong learning! We are living through days that are distressing and days that require much wisdom, skill, and diligence.

Hometown Hope believes in the power of Holy Spirit-led education. Revitalization ministry is different in many ways than "typical" ministry and thus requires some specialized training. 


Hometown Hope has prepared, and is preparing, various educational opportunities to help retool the skill set and renew the mindset of the pastor who is engaging in the vital work of church revitalization.


Hometown Hope is also seeking to engage with ministry education ministries in America to help them offer revitalization training, as well as training modules/tracks/degree programs specializing in revitalization ministry. If you have a Bible education ministry (College, University, Seminary, or Institute) please reach out and we can talk. 

If you are involved in ministry education and would like to speak with Hometown Hope about a collaborative effort, please reach out today!

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