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Replanter and Revitalizer Survey

There are 13 characteristics pastors must develop to be effective replanters or revitalizers


  1. Visionary Shepherd

  2. Gospel Orientation

  3. Missional Focus

  4. Organizational Awareness

  5. Pastoral Grit

  6. Spousal Perseverance

  7. Resourceful Generalist

  8. Tactical Patience

  9. Initiative

  10. Emotional Intelligence

  11. Affinity For Multi-Generational Ministry

  12. Respect For a Church's Legacy

  13. Willingness to Confront

 Replanting and Revitalization are difficult. In order to persevere and be successful, it will require a clear call from God for both the pastor and his spouse.

Click the link below to be taken to a survey you can take.

This survey will show your areas of strength and weakness.

Click HERE

*** This survey with its results will NOT automatically return to me.***


Once you finish the quiz, print out the results and reach out to me for a discussion!

I want to thank the NAMB for developing this tool

and allowing me to use it on my website!

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