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Is It Right, Or Is It Wrong?

I found an old book (about 20 years old) sitting on my bookshelf that I hadn't seen before. The books on this particular bookshelf were given to me when a couple in my church passed away. They had so many good books, and I treasure them because of the truth contained within them, but also because of whose books they were before I acquired them. When I see the books, think of the books, or read the books, I feel a warmth in my heart because they were the books of my friends and faithful church members.

But somehow, I must have overlooked this book. It is a small (in size) book with 123 pages. Here is the book:

I wanted to share something with your from the first devotional in this book that I thought was helpful. As you may remember, I put up a post recently about how to determine if something is right or wrong. You can read that article here.


My dad used to say that "some people don't know how to get in out of the rain." When it comes to moral behavior and making right decisions we so often see this same unknowingness and inability to choose the good.

Here are some questions that will help you (or your loved ones) do just that.

  1. The Personal Test: Will doing this bring me closer to Jesus?

  2. The Practical Test: Will Doing it bring good results?

  3. The Social Test: Will doing this help others to be more like Jesus?

  4. The Universal Test: What would the world be like if everyone did it?

  5. The Scriptural Test: Does the Bible clearly label it wrong?

  6. The Stewardship Test: Is it a waste of God's talents invested in me?

  7. The Missionary Test: Will doing it help others see Jesus in me?

  8. The Character Test: Will it make my character stronger?

  9. The Publicity Test: Would I want friends to know about it?

  10. The Common Sense Test: Does it show every day smarts?

  11. The Family Test: Will it make my family look bad?

Take a situation that you are dealing with right now, and think through your choices with these questions in mind.

Sit down with your children or grandchildren and help them learn how to use these questions. You will be doing them a great service!

I hope these questions will help save you, or someone you love, from a bad decision!

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