The Response That God Desires

The American culture (The world culture) is in antipathy and opposition to God and his Word. This antipathy becomes a problem within the Christian community, but especially in America. Why? Because our culture, historically, has been a Bible flavored experience. American Christians sometimes find it difficult (because they have so identified with the “Christian Culture” of America) to understand and implement the doctrine of separation. It is considered a divisive doctrine that is, according to some, best left untouched.

Nonetheless, separation is a Bible doctrine, and as we read and study our Bibles we cannot fail to see it. Also, I believe that there is a way to teach this doctrine that is both acceptable and effective. This method actually draws people to the subject and enables them to put faith into practice by a step-wise approach. You are going to have to pray and ask God to help you understand the following truths. This information, especially if you are not used to thinking deeply and meditating upon truth, will be more difficult for you to grasp.

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The Goal of Bible study is to apply the truth of Scripture to life. Unfortunately, many Bible students only want to get a "blessing" from the Bible through subjective impressions suggested by what they read without any serious attempt to determine the author’s meaning. This is the emotional “get a blessing” crowd. Many preachers and teachers engage in this type of presentation. It is no wonder that the people who listen to them consistently approach the Scriptures in the same way. These folks bypass the author’s intended meaning and believe that their impressions of the text are the authoritative message from God

On the other hand, and In contrast, others are very careful to search out the exact meaning intended by the author, yet do not follow through by making serious application to life. This is the intellectual “get a lesson” crowd. These tend to bypass the heart-felt application of truth and are usually rather dry, and mechanical. These can easily fall into the spirit of Pharisaism. The application for faith and obedience in my life and the lives of those for whom I have spiritual responsibility is one of the primary purposes of Bible study, preaching, and teaching.

How do we go from understanding to application? God reveals his will in two ways through Scripture.

Application means that we clearly face the implications of each doctrine we say that we believe, and learn to respond to it in faith.

First, Through

Explicit Directions and Directives

This revelation of truth is when a doctrine of Scripture is explicitly declared....These are propositional truths that are plainly revealed, and the only acceptable response is faith and obedience.

For Example:

In relation to Christ - There can be no equivocation on the virgin birth, or the bodily resurrection.

In relation to Christians - the Bible plainly declares that we are to pray without ceasing, rejoice evermore, and forgive those who trespass against us.

Not only are there explicit directives and plain doctrines, but there are also Promises in the Scriptures to claim

Meditate upon this application:

When we find promises in the Bible that God will supply all of our need....

Philippians 4:19

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory

by Christ Jesus.

...I have not fully appropriated those promises until my heart is tranquil and my life reflects contentment in His provision.

When we say that we believe in a sovereign God, who is in control....calling the shots, fulfilling His will, and yet we are fearful, worrying and fretting over the future....are we truly living according to this promise?

2 Timothy 1:7

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.