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"God Sent Me To Close Churches!"

Names have been changed to protect the identity of the those involved - This is a letter I received recently about a church and it's present condition. This church has been through much difficulty. This note chronicles a little bit about it's recent struggles to survive.


"We just talked to Clara at Moon River Baptist Church.

The recent interim pastor, whom I won't mention, came in and threw away all the stuff in the file cabinets (literally burned all the SS quarterlies, business minutes etc. He sold all that he could sell or throw away. He got rid of all the file cabinets. He said God sent him to close churches, which he has now closed 2.

When Clara and Melba saw what he was doing they said they would NOT close the church. Clara has been there for over 50 years. She told him to get out! They were not closing the church. Praise the Lord! The interim took no body knows what....Praise the Lord he left the pews and piano and organ.

The previous treasurer made out checks for him for $600 for 10 weeks. He stayed only preaching 1 of those weeks.

At any rate he brought someone in to live in the house. Clara and Melba went to they had moved into the parsonage...and said 'we are sorry but this is a tax exempt house and you can not live here...You must move out,' which they did.

Clara and Melba and her husband have kept the church going.

Ben and Stan are still going, and they have grown some... so they now have a Sunday School program.

The new interim is an old man, and is helping keep the church going. We have offered our help which I do believe they will now use, when the interim needs a vacation.

Oh how I pray someone will come beside you, Brent, and carry you on with the revitalization of churches. We pray daily for this. Love you and keep up the good work.



This is the reality of church revitalization in many churches across America. Don't let anyone glamorize the ministry of revitalization! It is tough work that demands strong, courageous believers. We need an army of warriors to engage this work.



Are you a strong and courageous believer who feels that God has touched your heart to engage in the work of church revitalization? Reach out to us today and let's talk.

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