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The Impact of the Coming Messiah!

Daniel 9:24

24 Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy.

Within the 70 weeks (Weeks of years = 490 years - For more information on this, see the pdf below) of Daniel’s prophecy, there are 6 major accomplishments that will take place.

Daniel's 70 Weeks 2
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These six goals will not all be fulfilled until the final arrival of King Jesus and the coming of the future kingdom of God.

One Commentator writes, “From the contents of these six statements it thus appears that the termination of the seventy weeks coincides with the end of the present course of the world.” Another commentator adds that this verse “is speaking of the accomplishment of God’s purpose for all history. These great acts will affect not only Israel but all of humanity.”

Let’s looks at this six events

Number One - The Transgression Finished

The Transgression” - This seems to imply that we are to think of a particular transgression.

Most commentators I considered seemed to feel that this statement was made in relation to Israel. Remember, this passage is dealing with Jerusalem and the people of the Jews.

However, will you CONSIDER THIS? If you think about THE Transgression, the first thing that popped into my mind was the original sin of Adam and Eve (Genesis 3:6 - See also Romans 5:12, 19 and I Cor. 15:21)!

One day! Thank God, the Lord, through Calvary and the blood that was shed there, will put an end to THE transgression and all the misery which that sin has caused (Colossians 1:20).

BUT, Considering this verse, in it’s context....What was Israel known for?

i. Disobedience - Romans 10:21

“gainsaying” = opposing, antagonizing, resisting

ii. Unbelief - Romans 9:32

They sought righteousness by the law and not by faith

iii. Idolatry and rebellion - II Chronicles 36:11-16

But Thank God, the above references are not the end of the story for Israel! A rather popular theologian and commentator made the following observation. “At the end of the 490 years God will finish the transgression of Israel. The verb “to finish” (kālā’) means “to bring something to an end.” Israel’s sin of disobedience will be brought to an end at Christ’s second coming when she repents and turns to Him as her Messiah and Savior. Then she will be restored to the land and blessed, in answer to Daniel’s prayer.”

Secondly we notice the phrase “An End Of Sins.”

This is a general reference to sin. Sin is an ever present reality, BUT one day it will not be! “To make an end” - This means “To seal it up so that it will never again see the light of day!” These 70 weeks and the coming of the Messiah will be the eternal death knell of sin as an ever present reality. Have you ever just sat and tried to envision what life would be like without sin? Sins will be controlled during the Millennial state, and they will cease to exist in the eternal state (Revelation 21:1 - Why no more sea? Read Micah 7:19).

Thirdly, The coming of Messiah will bring Reconciliation For Iniquity -

This phrase is reminding us of the atonement that was made for the people of Israel when the high priest sprinkled the blood over the mercy seat in the Temple. When the perfection of the law (that was in the Ark of the Covenant) meets our sin and rebellion, the only thing that can avail is the Blood of an innocent substitute. Get under the BLOOD of Jesus Christ! THIS is how God finishes transgression and makes an end of sin! Calvary’s shed blood is the power that reclaims and redeems that which was lost because of sin, and will ultimately wipe it from existence! All the blessings, and benefits of the Christian life, and of the coming Kingdom, have been made possible by what Christ accomplished on the Cross!

Friends, don't lose hope. Your work is not in vain, in the Lord. In the end, our Savior wins! Be a winner with Him. He will reward you fully for your faithfulness!

Join Us Next Week as we consider the final three momentous accomplishments in Daniel’s 70 week time frame.

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