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The Heart of a Warrior

I love reading stories in the Bible about the courage of men and women who stood for God.

II Samuel 23 always inspires me. Be sure to look this up in your Bible, and read about the courageous men that are listed there. Men who overcame “impossible” odds. There were men like Adino (2 Samuel 23:8). It would have been very easy to have run when facing such a challenge, but he didn’t! There is also Eleazar (II Samuel 23:9-10). When others were running away from the fight, he was running into it! Take some time and read about all of David’s “mighty men.”

What generally accompanies a person that enables them to be courageous above measure? Let’s think about the courage of David when he comes on the scene to face Goliath.

The first thing we notice about David is that he had an enthusiastic / vibrant spirit (I Samuel 17:20). When David came into the camp, he came running (I Samuel 17:22) and shouting (I Samuel 17:20). It was a yell of triumph. He was a victor in heart even before the battle. This is the kind of enthusiasm David had!

Another element in the life of David that made him the champion that he was concerned his commitment to the honor of his God and his nation (I Samuel 17:26)! Insulting abusive taunts were bringing shame upon the greatness of Israel, and also upon Israel's God. David could not tolerate this! Behind all of David’s actions was his great desire that God be honored.

Notice, when David was talking with the Israelites he emphasized the honor of the nation (Once to the group of warriors - I Samuel 17:26, and once to the King - I Samuel 17:36), but when he stood before Goliath, the enemy of God, he emphasized the Honor of God (I Samuel 17:45-47). This is what was behind his patriotism. When he faced the enemy it was not primarily the honor of his nation....but the honor of his God....and that is what it was about, for David, all along.

George Müller, former lawyer turned prolific preacher, began numerous orphanages in London. He trusted God alone for finances, claiming to have never asked anyone for a single penny.

When explaining why he engaged this work, these were his reasons.

“I certainly desire to be used by God to help the poor children and train them in the ways of God. But the primary object of the work is that God would be magnified because the orphans under my care will be provided with all they need through prayer and faith. Everyone will see that God is faithful and hears prayer. If I, a poor man, simply by prayer and faith obtained, without asking any individual, the finances for establishing and carrying on an orphan house, this might strengthen the faith of the children of God. It would also be a testimony to the unconverted of the reality of the things of God.”

A final element of character that made David great was his ability to stay focused and rise above opposition (I Sam. 17:28-30). He was able to press his case and continue though rebuffed - He refused to be defeated, dissuaded, or discouraged (I Samuel 17:33-38).

Let us thank God for men and women in every area of life, both in the past (as well as in our day) that have stood (and are standing) courageously for what is right. Lets us determine to be among their number!

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