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Hometown Hope!

Welcome to the website of Hometown Hope Ministries. Many ministries stand in need of hope

today. There are so many challenges to ministry, that sometimes it can become overwhelming. Hometown Hope is what its name implies. It is an organization that seeks to provide "Hope" to Independent Baptist Churches and pastors as they seek to revitalize their work.

I was reading an email from someone recently that was discussing the rate of church closures in America. The standard estimate is that about 4000 churches close every year. (7000 close / 3000 open for a net closure of about 4000 per year). This particular gentleman stated in his email that because of Covid, and other cultural impacts in our country, he was estimating that for the near future that we could see 16000 churches closing every year! This is a phenomenal statistic. In addition to that, many churches that don't close, will struggle to stay open and grow.

We feel that the best way to renew churches is the "Bible way." Listening carefully to the Holy Spirit, as He leads us through the Word of God, ministries can find the way forward. With an experienced friend in your corner, you can be invigorated in the fight! You are not alone! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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