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Buy the Truth and Never Sell it!

Will you please read Proverbs 23:22-25

Snuggled in between these verses about mom and dad, and home is a verse of Scripture (v.23) about truth. We are encouraged to buy truth and never sell it.

In John Bunyan’s, Pilgrim's Progress, we see “Christian” and “Faithful” passing through vanity fair. It is a dangerous place. There are many things there to attract and distract the two pilgrims from their forward progress. It is obvious that these two are different from the world around them. When they are mockingly asked what they might be interested in buying, they "gravely" reply, "We buy the Truth" (Proverbs 23:23). It would do you good to get a copy of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress and read “the rest of the story.”

Let’s continue today with the subject of truth and notice some interesting things about it. Truth is a very talked about commodity today, and yet it seems elusive to many.The FACT that God advertises and offers truth is proof that it exists, and that it is real!

Did you know that there is truth in politics, science, history and other disciplines? Never be afraid to seek it, purchase it and proclaim it, even if it brings persecution to you or makes you look like a fool. In 1865, Joseph Lister begins spraying a carbolic acid solution during surgery to kill germs. When discussing his theories of germs and disease, Lister made the following statement, "Without Semmelweis, my achievements would be nothing.” That is an interesting statement. Semmelweis had just died in a mental institution of blood poisoning, a disease that he had saved many from simply by encouraging the washing of hands and medical instruments. Semmelweiss was in this institution because of a complete mental breakdown. He had been mocked, ridiculed, vilified, and humiliated repeatedly because of his “novel” ideas related to disease and prevention. Thank God for Semmelweiss (and Lister too). Buy the truth and never sell it!

Although this story is mild in comparison to what Semmelweiss endured, I remember what my English Grammar and Composition professor told me back in the late 80’s after I had written a paper exposing some of the fallacies of evolution. He pulled me personally off to the side and handed me my graded paper (which he gave me a “B” on), and said, “I am suggesting that you never write another paper like this and that these thoughts are best left to be discussed somewhere else.

Not only is there natural truth which must be contended for, but there is also spiritual truth. Buy this truth above all others! Holy Scripture is the standard of truth (Isaiah 8:20 and John 17:17), and contained within its pages is doctrinal truth! The value of the truth contained within the Bible, is demonstrable and verifiable, and yet many overlook its power and value today.

Did you know that 70% of American’s claim to be Christians? If that is the case, then why do we see so much immorality and debauchery in our land? Why are many churches empty? Perhaps it is because 70% of those who profess to be Christians state that they do not believe in absolute truth. Only 6% of Christians claim to live their lives with a biblical world-view. Only 2% of those aged 18-29 claim to have a biblical worldview. Ah! Now we see the problem. These facts help explain why abortion is legal. This may also explain why 64% of professing Christians admit the use of pornography (and this includes 57% of pastors and 64% of youth pastors). Perhaps this also explains why only 83 counties out of 3006 in America are “dry” counties.

I was witnessing to a man one time and he told me that he knew the kids stories of the Bible, but that he didn’t really know the Bible. My dad and his friend were witnessing to some members of another religious persuasion, that many would call a cult. At the end of the conversation, these cultists told my dad and his friend, “You guys may know the Bible better than we do, but we know the truth!”

May I give those of you who claim to be a Christian a little pastoral encouragement? I encourage you to make it a goal this year to really dig into the Bible and learn it! And then, go beyond just knowing it’s contents, to actually living your life with a true biblical worldview, no matter where your life is lived out! More on this next week.

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