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Standing alone....

My articles will mean more to you if you will look up the Scriptures and study with me.

Have you ever felt alone? As a Christian, do you feel increasingly alone in a world that is rejecting the God of the Holy Bible or is a least remaking Him into their own image and likeness?

Many people don’t like to be alone…


For some that is a scary word. For some that is a sought after word.

Some people fight loneliness with loudness: Music, radio, TV, Phones, Instant messenger


3 out of 5 people in America are lonely (Thats 60%)...And loneliness is on the rise. A report, led by the health insurer Cigna, found a nearly 13% rise in loneliness since 2018

But what about this idea of being alone....

In the Bible, we find that many of God’s people had to stand alone!

A. Jacob - Genesis 32:24

B. Moses - Numbers 11:10–14, Deuteronomy 1:9, Deuteronomy 1:12

C. Elijah - 1 Kings 19:14

D. Jeremiah - Jeremiah 15:17, Jeremiah 16:1–2

E. Martha - Luke 10:40

F. Paul - 2 Timothy 1:15, 2 Timothy 4:10, 2 Timothy 4:16

But, my question to you is, “Were they really alone?”

When you think of Jacob, the answer is “no.” The Bible says, “There wrestled a man with him….”

In the case of Moses, the answer is “No.” Read Numbers 11:16.

How about Elijah? Was he alone? Again, the answer is “No.” Read I Kings 19:18 and Romans 11:4.

Let’s continue, as we think about Jeremiah. He wasn’t really alone either. Jeremiah was in a very difficult place. The people of Judah were rejected. Jeremiah 15:1. Jeremiah was cursed and persecuted by others - Jeremiah 15:10,15. But he did have something and someone. The someone was God (Jeremiah 15:1). That something was the Word of God - Jeremiah 15:16.

Martha was not really alone either, even though she felt like it. Mary was there. Jesus was there, as were many others….

Paul was not alone. When others had left, there was one that remained! Read II Timothy 4:17.

Notwithstanding the fact that we are never alone, we must remember there are blessings associated with the experience of aloneness.

There is fruit out of the alone time - Read John 12:24. Think about the little corn in the bag, surrounded by all the other little kernels. Suddenly, the little kernel hears the call… “Time to get planted”…..The kernel is removed from the bag, thrown in a hole in the dirt (alone) and then covered.....buried alive....NOOOO! But YES! This is the method to achieve more “fruit!”

When alone, we can experience more of God’s presence - In every one of those examples I gave you earlier, God was always there with the people and he found a way to manifest himself to them in special ways.

Remember, God found Moses when he was alone on the backside of the desert. God came to the three Hebrews when they stood alone against the mob - Even joining them in the fire! John the Baptist was ministering alone….No one to help him or encourage him....but then God the Son, the Father, and the Holy Ghost show up! Paul was arrested and was alone. He was almost tore apart by the howling mob and yet…. (Read Acts 23:11). Paul was on a ship….apparently the only believer, surrounded by criminals and unbelievers. The storm had come and it seemed that all was lost….BUT (Read Acts 27:23-25).

And then, consider the most wonderful example of all …..Jesus.

Notice how many times Jesus sought solitude, or experienced aloneness! (Matthew 4:1;14:23; 27:46; Mark1:35; 14:50; Luke 4:42; John 16:32). ALONE???? For Real!! But out of that time of aloneness which Jesus experienced comes the richest blessings to humanity. He suffered the ultimate loneliness so that we would never be truly alone!

In the “alone” times, you will find there is blessing…somewhere.... Look for it!

May I also remind you that if a man dies without Christ, he will experience an eternity of loneliness. Eternity without Christ is a place of aloneness....God is absent. Friends are absent. Everything good and pleasant is absent. Believe on Christ today (John 3:16)! He said, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” (Hebrews 13:5).

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Jan Cripe
Jan Cripe
Dec 09, 2021

Great Message...Thanks Jan

Brent Madaris
Brent Madaris
Jun 29, 2023
Replying to

Thank you. Just now saw your note!

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