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Porch Time Used To Be Prime Time

By Pastor David Helton,

As days go by, so do the old days of porch time.

Before air conditioning, houses would be so hot you would stay outside or on the porch. You would sip some tea and talk. No phones, just simple fellowship. Neighbors, friends, and family would just hang out and laugh, sing, and have church on the porch.

Those days are gone. The comforts of houses and devices have stolen our porches.

We have signs that say welcome, but no one ever comes.

We have expensive furniture, but no one ever sets on it.

We have nicer homes than ever that one ever visits.

Our neighbors are strangers, and we see everyone on Facebook. I believe that porch time is important.

A few days ago, we had a celebration at my home, and we gathered under the porch. We laughed, talked, and shared stories. It was refreshing and much-needed.

Maybe it’s time to invite your neighbors over for some tea. Ask your family by just to say hi.

Remember, those devices do not bring families together like that good ole fellowship. One reason people are so engaged in computers is what I believe is a lack of interaction with others. Others bring life to our life. We have all had tough days at our workplaces; fellowship with coworkers made it bearable. I miss many of my old coworkers because we laughed, learned, and made do the best we could, and while doing this, we bonded together.

The porch stories are the best stories. They contain our history and our lives and are written by those who care for us. We need porch time.

A friend of mine shared with me that while growing up, his neighbors were very poor, and he said at night, they would hear them on the front porch laughing half the night away. He said they were very poor but were very happy. I seriously don’t even know of any really poor people anymore, but I know a ton of unhappy people. Maybe some front porch time would cure the sadness and longing for fellowship many need.

Higher Ground Baptist Church

4615 Rutledge Pike,

Rutledge, TN 37861

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