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Hypocrisy and the Authority of the Word of God - Part 2

You must read part one of this article to make any sense at all out this weeks.

You may read last week’s article on my blog HERE

Here is my initial answer to the young man and his dilemma.

“Thank you __________ for your raw naked honesty. I always loved you and your family. I knew some of what you have told me but not all that you have shared.

Without claiming to know all the answers I will say that the hypocrisy of professing Christians has, historically, been one of the single biggest stumbling blocks in Christianity.

I will tell you a story I heard R.G. Lee tell in a sermon (as best I can remember it). Your words brought this story to mind.

Dr. R.G. Lee (A Southern Baptist pastor who is dead now) said he met one day with prime minister Naroo of India. He did the best he could to witness to him, telling him that Jesus was Heaven’s bread for earth’s hunger, Heaven’s water for earth’s thirst, and similar things (he was very eloquent). He told this man that Jesus was the Son of Man without sin and the Son of God with power! When he left the Prime Minister, he and his friend went out to a marble mausoleum where the ashes of Ghandi were kept. As they stood there Dr. Lee began to weep. His friend asked him, “Dr Lee, why those tears?” He replied, “We stand at the grave of a man that had influence over 500 million people. When he pointed a certain direction, they looked. When he spoke, they listened.” At that point Dr. Lee pulled out a piece of paper and read, what he said was a quote from Ghandi.

“I do not believe that idol worship is a sin. Cow protection and worship is a gift of Hinduism to the world. There was a time when I wavered between Hinduism and Christianity, but when I recovered the balance of my mind, I knew I did not need Jesus and his blood for my salvation and that Hinduism entirely satisfied my soul. But, I think I would have become a Christian had it not been for Christian’s.” Ghandi said other things along these lines, like “I like your Christ, but not your Christianity.”

_________, I do not pretend to know the pain, hurt, and disappointment that you have experienced (because, my growing up years were different than yours). My parents were not perfect but nether were they hypocrites. They truly tried to honor the Lord and live sincere, genuine Christian lives. My mother is still living but my dad passed away in 2020.

Please hear me when I say this. What you experienced was wrong and wicked and hurtful. My heart hurts for what you had to endure. I have heard the hurt in your words (and I do thank you for being respectful).

You closed your statement by stating that you would rather follow Buddha than ever raise your child with that level of craziness. Here is a fact, _________. You don’t have to raise your child with that level of craziness, and you don’t have to follow Buddha to avoid it. You can raise your child the way you wish you would have been raised. You can be the Christian and the parent that you wish you had had.

There were two men sitting on a park bench….one dressed in a suit and apparently rather well off. The other was a drunk, in ragged clothes, with a scraggly beard. When the men were asked why they were the way they were, they both responded that it was because of their dad…..who was a drunk. One chose to follow the bad example of his dad and the other had chosen to reject it and go a different direction.

Choose wisely my friend.

You remember me when I was young and single. I am 54 now, married, with four children of my own. I am by no means perfect and I have made many mistakes (as any mom and dad will) but I have tried to live for God and honor Him. I have tried to raise my kids to live and honor him. I realize that our generation is much different than the one I grew up in. We all face multiple challenges on many levels, but one thing I can tell you is that Jesus Christ is my Savior and my helper and my friend. He has been with me now these many years and I am satisfied with HIM. I am trying to teach my children this simple trust as well.

___________, I am glad that you came to me privately about this. Please know that I am here for you anytime. You can call or text anytime.

Enough said

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